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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What People are Saying about the Avicii NYE 2011 FAIL

A group was made on Facebook, and various news articles have been writing stories about the biggest party that never was... this is from the fbook group:

What happened?
Everyone was kicked out of the venue (99 Sudbury) 30 minutes before the NYE countdown due to the overselling of tickets.

Where was Avicii?
Avicii was obviously the main draw to the 99 Sudbury venue (considering it is a gym for its day job.. see photos tab). However, Avicii and Glenn Morrison were nowhere to be seen for the entire night. After my friends and I spoke with Dean, the manager of the venue, earlier this morning he also confirmed that Avicii and Glenn Morrison did not make an appearance at all last night. Fishy considering we were only kicked out 30 minutes before midnight and Avicii was supposed to be playing FOR New years. Where was he? We don't know. There was no official explanation as to why he wasnt there or any direct information on the refunding process given. We were simply told to get out. No questions allowed.

Anyone else notice how low budget and poorly organized the security was?
1. There was no designated lineup. There were two separate crowds of people intersecting in front of the door, held up by minimal security guards for hundreds of young fans.
2. Waiting in line was stressful and dangerous. Everyone was pushing due to the lack of order and care from the security. Why do you think there were so many injuries (including broken limbs and other minor injuries)? Because of the excellent and constant vigilance from the security? Hah.
3. When/if you even got to the door there were only two bouncers working that would take your ticket, rip it, and throw it on the ground as if it didn't even matter who got a hold of it. Some of our friends were not even asked to provide a ticket and were just let in. Only half of us were asked to show id, the others were just pushed past the pathetic excuse for security into the venue by the huge mob. There was absolutely no bag check, which is obviously very dangerous considering the place was packed well over capacity. We have never seen anything like this before.

The designated smokers pit could not have been more illegal. It was completely covered by poorly constructed tarps, with no open roof. Crowds of people were also sneaking in through underneath the tarps and there was no one to stop them since security was so limited.

Clearly the tickets were mass-produced without any restrictions of the amount sold. They should have known that it was inevitable that the place would have to get shut down due to over-capacity. TOO MANY TICKETS WERE SOLD. This comes across to us as a scam, does anyone else agree? Especially considering the two djs that were the main show of the night were no where to be found. We're not trying to put any blame on Avicii or Glen Morrison, but we truly believe that this entire thing was a set up to take our money and leave us with a regrettable new years.. Whether they had any part in it or not.

To us this whole event just dosnt make any sense. Not only do we want our money back, but if you're going to ruin thousands of people's new years eve and kick us out so close to the countdown, we'd love to hear the event organizer's explanation for all of this.

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